About Prakti

No woman should undertake a daily activity as basic and essential as cooking under conditions that will damage her health, diminish her productivity, and corrode her opportunities for greater social empowerment. We are doing something about it.

Prakti is a social enterprise dedicated to disrupting decades of biomass cookstove design through the creative marriage of rigorous social science field research and meticulous engineering.

Fuel-efficient cookstoves have long been seen as a critical tool for mitigating the respiratory disease plaguing women in the global south, who cook predominantly over smokey wood-burning fires, as well as addressing a wide variety of social disempowerment and environmental harms associated with inefficient fuel usage.  But for decades, the development community has provided poorly designed stoves that have been largely rejected by the cooks they are trying to help.  Prakti aims to change that, both by producing efficient, robust, affordable, easy-to-use, aspirational products, and by exerting design influence on the rest of the sector.

Prakti boasts a young, energetic team of top professionals from around the world — high achievers who have chosen to dedicate their in-demand talents to global social impact, rather than the many corporate opportunities available to them.  Disciplines include:

  • Engineering, with expertise in consumer product design, rapid prototyping, combustion technologies, and production efficiencies.
  • Social Sciences, with backgrounds in cultural anthropology, sociological field work, and experimental design.
  • Business Impact, with deep knowledge of global development strategy, bottom-of-the-pyramid economics, social impact marketing, and creating effective partnerships with multilateral agencies, NGOs, and other development and relief institutions.


Prakti is proud to partner with Engineers without Borders (UK) (engineering) , Imperial College London (next generation technologies), Ernst & Young (marketing strategy), and Morrison & Foster (Legal).

In addition to producing the world’s finest biomass cookstoves, Prakti has consulted with development agencies and multilateral institutions including GIZ German Federal Enterprise for International Cooperation, United Nations World Food Programme, World Bank, USAID, US Environmental Protection Agency, Groupe Energies Renouvelables, Environnement Et Solidarités (GERES), International Lifeline Fund (ILF), and SNV Netherlands Development Organization.  We have worked in 13 countries around the developing world.


Prakti has received a number of honours and awards over its decade of designing clean burning cookstoves.  We have received design innovation awards from Grand Challenges (Canada), the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves, and IDEAS (UK Department for International Development & Energy4Impact).  Prakti was specially honoured by President Clinton at an annual meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative, and our business innovations have been recognized by The Unreasonable Institute, U.C. Berkeley’s Haas School of Business, and Sankalp Forum .


To understand more about the scourge of traditional biomass-burning cookstoves and the ways in which Prakti is creating substantial social impact, explore these critical issues:

Public Health  |  Environment  |  Women’s Empowerment  |  Household Economics

Clean Cookstoves

We have recently rolled out our brand new line of household stoves. The new Prakti line of stoves will feature the same fuel saving, smoke-free cooking experience  as the “Nemo” line of stoves it replaces, along with the great durability and handsome looks cooks expect from Prakti stoves.  Due to advances in design and production engineering, these stainless steel beauties can be offered at a substantially lower price than previous models, making a clean, healthy, money-saving cookstove affordable for the world’s poorest households.  Available in wood- and charcoal-burning models.

And we’ll continue to produce our celebrated line of heavy-duty Institutional stoves, which have long been the backbone of food preparation in schools, hospitals, social service centres, and humanitarian relief settings where solid fuel is used.

  Learn more about our Household Cookstoves.

  Learn more about our Institutional Cookstoves.