Prakti’s dedication to rigorous, comprehensive product design has inspired a step-change shift in the approach of the global cookstove sector, bringing the first promises of success after half-a-century of chronic failure.

There are many soup-to-nuts, vertically integrated cookstove companies which can bring products to market through sales channels or significant major-donor relationships; but there is only one company that has consistently focused on the non-stop evolution of the product itself: Prakti.

Through four generations of innovative cookstove design, Prakti has not only optimized fuel efficiency and emissions reductions, which have been the basic design objectives from the earliest stove programs; Prakti’s interdisciplinary design teams have given priority to human factors such as usability and consumer acceptance consideration such as aesthetics and durability. Prakti’s development lab is constantly testing new materials and build techniques. With each new line of stoves Prakti develops, its engineers have also addressed issues of cost and manufacturability, so that project implementers have concrete, ready-to-launch alternatives for quality-assured centralized or localized production.

Prakti’s design team is currently working on a next-generation line of stoves which promise the best combustion efficiency of any biomass stoves in the world, combined with unprecedented ease of use for cooks. They are also prototyping creative new solutions for biomass cooking within the unique challenges of settlements for refugees and other displaced peoples. Stay tuned!