Household Cookstoves

Prakti with its decade long work in improved cookstoves launches its new household model.

Good designs intend to complement their users. The model comes in three variants of Wood, Char and BBQ.

The stoves come with an all stainless steel body, the first in its series as well the very first in India. The high grade stainless steel makes the stove more durable and long lasting. The stove in general would cool down faster than a traditional clay stove.

Wood Stove :Prakti Wood is lighter making it portable to shift around. The wider wood feeding inlet gives it better usability.The design has evolved from prototypes to its current shape and structure. Valuable feedback from on field testing, our own living lab testing has helped in the process.

Prakti’s constant effort is to offer quality to our women folks in rural India at an affordable pricing, which allows them to be the decision makers for a cleaner and healthier kitchen for themselves and their children.

Keeping this in mind, Prakti Wood has been priced more affordably and economically at Rs. 1699- lowest in market for its make.

The stove reduces smoke/eye irritation, reduces fuel consumption by half thus saving energy spent in collecting more wood. Cooking time is also reduced and the stoves leave less residue. The stove can cook 5kg Rice and boil 10 Ltrs water. During rainy days the stove could be moved indoors by users who prefer to cook outdoors.

Char Stove The Charcoal stove suits the needs of households and small restaurants wherever cooking is done on charcoal fires. It is tested to consistently reduce fuel consumption and toxic emissions.

It is a sturdy stove and performs well while cooking large pots of food. It is targeted to accommodate for the cooking needs of households in countries where coal is the major fuel or for street vendors and small restaurants.

The stove is of high quality, easy to clean and durable finish. Sliding doors help to reduce pollution and charcoal consumption and remove ash easily.

BBQ Stove An observation has been that urban woman likes to experiment with firewood-claypot cooking these days. In such lifestyle choices, BBQ Stove is an ideal companion for grill/barbecue and as a leisure camping stove. It reduces loss of nutrition when cooked on clay pot and the traditional cooking style adds up to an enhanced state.

All stove types come with handles for convenience and easy transport and storage. In addition the Char and BBQ stove could be made in vibrant red, blue and yellow colors. 

Note:  As of now,  BBQ and Char Stove would only be considered for pre orders.