Prakti is a social enterprise dedicated to disrupting decades of biomass cookstove design through the creative marriage of rigorous social science field research and meticulous engineering.

  • Fuel-efficient cookstoves have long been seen as a critical tool for mitigating the respiratory disease plaguing women in the global south, who cook predominantly over smokey wood-burning fires, as well as addressing a wide variety of social disempowerment and environmental harms associated with inefficient fuel usage.
  • For decades, the development community has provided poorly designed stoves that have been largely rejected by the cooks they are trying to help.  Prakti aims to change that, both by producing efficient, robust, affordable, easy-to-use, aspirational products, and by exerting design influence on the rest of the sector.

How We Do It

Prakti is an enterprise offering full integration of design, manufacturing, and distribution of improved cookstoves. Our unique approach to this ecosystem is  based in cultural insights; our operations in every region vary based on local traditions, cooking methods, and systems. We generate on ground insights that help uplifting developing communities.  committed to combating threatening respiratory diseases, poverty, and gender inequality while contributing to environmental sustainability.  

Our Process

At the Prakti Lab, Prakti is continuously pursuing the development of high-efficiency cookstoves that come at an increasingly accessible price for base of the pyramid populations.

We are currently pursuing direct sales based on years of experience and knowledge gained in the field, as well as partnerships with organizations implementing successful rural distribution channels of stove and non-stove technologies alike. Please contact us if you are interested in distributing Prakti stoves or partnering with us.

In order to increase livelihoods and women empowerment, there is potential to pursue local assembly of stoves. By training women to assemble and sell our stoves, we have helped in the past create a new generation of female entrepreneurs. In future, Prakti wishes to empower women outside the home too.